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Reliable two-way acoustic communication

The Water Linked M64 modem provides a reliable acoustic communication link between two subsea locations where space, weight or power is limited.

Data is transferred at 64bps over a robust two- way half-duplex acoustic link which uses the latest technology to ensure the data can be transferred reliably in the most challenging of environments. Low power electronics are packaged in a tiny housing to ensure that the M64 has little impact on the design of the overall package that it will be interfaced with.

The M64 is user configurable, allowing it to be seamlessly integrated and allows through-water communication in situations where previously only a direct wired connection was possible.

Typical applications where the M64 can be used include AUV telemetry, wireless ROV control and wireless subsea sensor monitoring/control.

Key features

  • Reliable 64 bit per second data link Serial interface for simple integration
  • Low power consumption supports power limited installations
  • LED status indication for clear visual confirmation of operation
  • User friendly API
  • Extremely small size enabling easy mounting and integration
  • Self-contained for direct connection without need for additional hardware
  • 300m depth rated with a 200m acoustic range

Downloads / Resources

Datasheet PDF  
User manual   URL
Protocol documentation   URL
3D STP and STL files ZIP  
CE declaration PDF  
Certificate of origin PDF  
Export license declaration PDF  


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