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HavExpo 2022


Straume Idrettspark, Sotra, Norway

HavExpo was set to arrange their first exhibition in Q2 of 2020. The timing of the launch could simply not be more unfortunate.

However, HavExpo refused to give up . Last year, in 2021, they hosted the programme that was meant to be presented in 2020 - but as a digital event.

We have all learned to become more acustomed to the digital world. Still, I don't know about you but, we much more prefer going to physical exhibitons to meet our customers and discuss their aquaculture challenges face to face.

With our plan to revolutionise the aquaculture industry by using IoT (Internet of Things) technology, we also of course want you to be able to see and touch the product we confidently predict will improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your fish farming operation.

We chose to dub this product Cage Sense. Deploying CageSense in your operation works as a sixth sense - only for your fish cages. Whenever an environmental anomality occurs, such as oxygen drops or sudden turbidity changes, CageSense notifies you straight away. -Wirelessly, without the need for messy cable solutions.

Bjørn Sirnes, CCO Aquaculture, will attend the exhibition on all days, and is looking forward to chatting to you about your aquaculture needs. See you there!

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