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When size matters

Thanks to the size and weight of the A50, the smallest ROVs and AUVs can now benefit from increased navigation and control. This allows these small vehicles operating in water depths down to 600m to perform tasks that would have previously required a larger and more expensive vehicle.

Although a clear benefit for small vehicles, larger vehicles requiring high accuracy navigation features also benefit from the size, weight, and cost benefits of fitting this high accuracy DVL.

While typically integrated fully to the ROV or AUV for enhanced control, the integrated Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) within the A50 allows the DVL to be used for dead reckoning positioning. This feature allows the A50 to generate an accurate track plot of the vehicles movements without the need to fully integrate with the vehicle control system.

Key features

  • 5cm – 50m altitude range 300m or 600m depth rated
  • Ethernet and Serial interface
  • Imbedded computer for standalone operation
  • AHRS for increased accuracy
  • Extremely small size enabling easy mounting and integration
  • Web GUI with comprehensive diagnostic features

Downloads / Resources

Datasheet PDF  
GUI Demo   URL
User manual   URL
Protocol documentation   URL
3D STP file (dvl) ZIP  
3D STP file (bracket) ZIP  
3D STP file (IO interface) ZIP  
Pressure rating certificate (300m) PDF  
Pressure rating certificate (600m) PDF  
CE certificate PDF  
Certificate of Origin PDF  
Export license declaration PDF  


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